Help Haiti Heal

But all the kids are wearing these trousers, Bono!

But all the kids are wearing these trousers, Bono!

Occasionally you come across photos of U2 which make you ask yourself "why on earth would one wear  that?"

So when I came across this new photo of The Edge last week, I did tear myself away from how lovely he looked for a moment to wonder what I always wonder when I contemplate the latest Edge t-shirt graphic 

What's with the shirt?

One year ago on Wednesday a tragedy of unimaginable magnitude occurred in Haiti, where a 7.0 earthquake killed nearly a quarter of a million people, left over a million homeless and completely devastated a country which already wasn't doing so well a year ago Tuesday.

Together with American Eagle, the US branch of Concern Worldwide (the charity which received a lot of the funds raised during Live Aid and has done extensive work in Africa as well as other impoverished areas of the globe) is raising awareness once again by selling t-shirts as modelled by our guitar hero below.


The t-shirts were made in Haiti, by Haitians, to mark the first anniversary of the earthquake and raise awareness about the continuing need to help Haiti heal. The entire purchase price of US $15.50 will be donated to Concern Worldwide's education program in Haiti, with the potential to raise as much as $1 million.

The Edge, along with other celebrities have leant their support to the cause. You can read more about the campaign on Concern USA's website.

Like Hurricane Katrina, these things don't just go away, so if you would like one to help support the goal of rebuilding schools in Haiti, they are only available in US American Eagle stores and not online, see American Eagle's website for more details. And if, like me, you don't live in the USA and still want to donate to Concern USA to Help Haiti Heal, you can.

In the meantime, you can also enjoy this wallpaper I made... because The Edge looks just as lovely while attempting to save the world as that other guy does ;)